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The Global Youth Mentorship Network (GYM) is a grassroots sport-for-impact community. Comprised of social organisations and NGOs that focus on education through sport for personal and community development among youth within underprivileged communities around the world.

Our Mission: To connect, unite, and empower organisations, leveraging each group's focus and ability to create a variety of collaborative, educational opportunities for underserved youth.

Vision & Strategy: We aim to guide young people by giving them the opportunity to experience a wide variety of potential career opportunities which will be provided through our entire network. This can be achieved through a combination of teaching, work experience, and life skill training. ​Helping them to achieve increased social and economic status which will help to break the cycle of poverty.


The goal is to achieve financial sustainability, individually; within their families, and in their local communities.


Implementation: Each network affiliate will have a proven track record of local impact. The ​GYM Network serves as a platform to provide adaptable and collaborative initiatives that are directly responsive to community needs. Each organisation will share ideas, methodologies, and curricula to create innovative projects involving unique ways of combining sport and education.


The Network is also an additional platform for network organisation affiliates to spread awareness and share their cause and impact.

The GYM Network welcomes and invites any social sport-for-education and development enterprise to join our network and community.


Let's continue to inspire, empower and guide our young people to help them be inspired and motivated in order to grow, develop, excel, to create a constant learning environment to further sustain the local community.


We connect, unite, and empower sport-for-education organisations, leveraging each group’s focus to create a variety of unique educational opportunities for underserved youth.

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Meet Our Founders

George Osoya - Football Without Borders Kenya (Kenya)

Jimmy Mulisa - Umuri Foundation (Rwanda)

Jordan Metter - Comunidade FIT (Brasil)

Honorary Partner: Naki Kaddu - DIDA Sports Organisation (Uganda)

"Using football as a tool for change, our founders share their passion and knowledge to empower children, young people, and their communities to make positive changes to the futures of generations to come."

Join us:

If your organisation would like to become a member of the Global Youth Mentorship Network you need to:

  1. ​Be a social /non-profit entity that focuses on the provision of life skills education and sport to children and young people.

  2. Support female empowerment and equal opportunities.

  3. Be willing to collaborate, and share ideas, and methodology.

  4.  Attend 6-8 network conferences per year. 

  5.  Serve as co-ambassadors to all organisations in the network

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