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Supporting Female Youth Football

Supporting Girls Football is 100% committed to supporting the growth and sustainability of adolescent female football through education, and consultation.



We provide:



Contact me for a complimentary consultation for help, advice, and opportunities that can assist you in developing a strategy to increase teenage girl participation in football, sport, and education.


Period Management 

The experiences of starting their periods can have a crucial impact on how females engage in sports now and in the future. Promoting awareness, and providing education and products during this stage of development will enable the young person to feel empowered and confident.


My Supporting Girls Football journey began when I noticed inequalities in the provision of equipment and kits for local girl's teams. I wanted to give my daughters' team equal opportunities so carrie out lots of fundraising and raised a lot of money. I was asked for help and advice by various teams and clubs so I developed the £0 - £1k Fundraising Guide. 

Supporting Girls Football in Africa.

Supporting Girls Football are proud supporters of girls' football teams and their communities in The Gambia and Uganda. 


Football provides an opportunity for organisations to reach underprivileged girls who are at risk of exploitation, child marriage, domestic violence, and FGM. It gives the opportunity to provide education, purpose, and hope to vulnerable girls, empowering them to become resilient, confident, and independent.

The distribution of wealth in African nations is inconsistent and restricted. Internal politics are problematic leaving a large proportion of smaller communities in need.

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