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Missed flight....

Updated: Jun 29

You really couldn't make this up...

I am currently sitting in the Holiday Inn Express at Heathrow Airport. I should be sitting on the 18:25 flight to Kenya but it didn't happen!

I left the house at 11…

I arrived at Cherwell MOTO Services at 12.30 to meet Sam Ioannides from The Football Fun Factory to collect some donated kit and tech…

Message from Sam - someone had crashed into the back of him 😢 He was about 20 mins away. He was busy with the crash stuff so couldn’t reply.

Meanwhile, I jumped in my car ready to go meet him & I fell asleep 🙄

Sam thought I’d gone so was on his way home… slowly (thankfully) due to the damage to his car.

At that point he was 40 mins away. So I thought… not a problem… Always the optimist!!!

We met on the side of a road and frantically shoved football kits into my suitcases. We both then knelt on them to zip them up.... The passers by must have wondered what on earth was going on....

We then took an obligatory selfie and headed off in opposite directions, only for me to end up doing a swift U-turn when I realised I was going in the wrong direction!!!

I did not take into account the road works, M25 feeder traffic, traffic going to Heathrow, and locating the meet & greet parking guy.

Optimistically (again) I decided 😁to call Kenyan Airways… to see if there had been a flight delay 🤣… No… Check in closes an hour before…. It’s closed…

In floods of tears and hyperventilating at the price of the quoted penalty… I parked the car, unloaded my baggage and sat in the foyer.

Luckily the second quote that I received online was nearly £200 cheaper.

So I WILL be flying to Kenya - same flight - 24hrs later…

At least I won’t be late this time 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣

Sorry osoya george 😢


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