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  • The Changing Girls Lives Network

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We are a Community Interest Company (CIC) in the UK.

Our board consists of representatives from the UK and Africa who work together to empower communities through sustainable football projects.


We would like to welcome you to The SGF Foundation where you will become a valued travel companion on this life-changing journey.

We provide education and financial contributions towards sustainable projects that benefit the lives of girls and boys (emphasis on female empowerment).

The project supports the environment and enables communities to become self-sufficient and in turn economically stable.

Football is the most watched, played, and supported sport across the world. With the increase of interest amongst girls and the increased acceptance of female football - it has become a tool for change.

Football provides many social, emotional, and physical benefits and, it can also be used as a driving force to increase gender equality and to ensure that the needs of girls are being recognised, understood, and supported.

The projects we support increase the visibility and opportunities for girls. Supporting the needs of girls and women by listening to them, becoming their advocates and allies, and through education within the communities they reside.

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